Admission Ticket

I submit this ticket to you as a one time admission of my inability to escape my invasive thoughts of inadequacy, incompetency, and need to be right. 

This is my admission that you have served as a kind mirror of the things that I’ve swept under the rug and pulled the wool over my eyes with. In my times of fear you’ve been my security blanket. In my times of sorrow you’ve been my comfort. Even when I’ve felt alone, you’ve been a strong presence never leaving my side.

I no longer plead the fifth nor am I ashamed to admit that I’m a creature of habit and comfort. I love to do things that I know I will succeed in and quit those that are too challenging. However, you dare me to conquer the unknown and overcome barriers. I find strength in your confidence that I can do all things.  

To God, my husband, and family (if you’re reading this I mean you) I admit that even though I act and like to think that I don’t need you…I do!!! 

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