The cornerstone of my religion emphatically proclaims that I’m born into this world free- debt free, not enslaved to credit cards, student loans, any other master than the Lord, and lastly not to a relationship of any sorts. However, I find myself in predicaments in which others feel that they’re owed an explanation, a response or letter of separation when I decide that the friendship/relationship is no longer mutually beneficial.

Today in a counseling session, I was enlightened. The topic of discussion was the biblical verse regarding “…turning the other cheek.” I explained my interpretation–to continue to allow a person, situation or object remain in your life unnecessarily believing that your exhibiting forgiveness. The counselor refuted my statement and informed me that she interpreted it as turning the other cheek, remaining turned, and going the other way. In that moment, I had an epiphany! I’ve obtained whiplash, hell I have a severe neck injury due to continuously turning my cheek.

With that being said, I can longer afford these expensive relationships that exhaust my finances, time, efforts, and expend my energy. I find myself constantly driving on empty and without fuel to deal with my own issues because I’m indebted to someone else. So today, I’m pulling myself up by my bootstraps. I’m not going to swipe the debit card linked to your emotionally bankrupt, overdrawn account. I’m cashing out and you may keep the change. I believe this should clear my debt that you believe you’re owed. But if not, I am okay with this account going to collections.

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