Not Moved…

Since as far as I can recollect everyone else’s feelings, opinions, wants and needs have superseded mine. It’s been engrained in me to apologize when I wasn’t the offending party, remain silent when I’m aggrieved, and forget trespasses when the behavior goes unchanged. 
When did your feelings become more valued and mine discounted? Why are your unwarranted negative actions permissible and my redirection not? My alter ego doesn’t surface when needed which saves my offenders from my flippant tongue, moving neck and rolling eyes. However, next time I’ll pause to phone a friend and correct your misbehavior immediately. 

Your apologies are not received as sincere gestures. Instead they are deemed as weak attempts to pacify my need to be in good graces with everyone. Your tears no longer warrant my empathy. Your inability to be genuine, grow from experiences, and need to perseverate on irrelevant encounters have produced my dismissive response toward you!

In case you missed the memo… I’m not moved!

2 thoughts on “Not Moved…

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  1. You’re an awesome person whose wisdom and passion for righteousness flow from your spirit. You are in the world and will never be completely understood except by others as deep as you.

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