The Honeymoon

Someone call Crimestoppers! Our honeymoon was stolen! It was an all-inclusive trip to Mexico, Aruba, Tahiti, or a lavish, ridiculously expensive trip to Dubai. It’s been missing since November 13, 2016 and while it wasn’t paid in full, the downpayment should at least be refunded.

The world will force you into believing that if you don’t take a honeymoon after your wedding, your skipping a vital step in beginning your life as newlyweds. However, the world doesn’t tell you that planning a honeymoon or any other major purchases take proper planning if you live on a budget.

I remember being somewhat disappointed that my husband and I didn’t have a honeymoon. We stayed in a swanky hotel the night of our wedding, were both ill, went to bed before 10:00 p.m., woke up the next day to go to Urgent Care, were diagnosed with Upper Respiratory Infections, picked up our prescriptions at the local Walgreen’s and came home only to go back to sleep. Very uneventful, right?

Looking back we had our honeymoon, many mini-moons and enjoyed each other thoroughly. During our trips to Chicago, St. Louis, New Orleans, and Las Vegas we grew immensely. My favorite trip was Chicago, during this vacation we had too much fun and missed our flight home. Due to our budget constraints (p.s. no one tells you that just because you have two incomes, doesn’t mean you’ll have more money), we had to ride the Greyhound from Illinois to Texas. Let me tell you…it was then that I knew my husband was the one. We took turns keeping vigilant, he reassured me that we were no closer to our final destination than we were when I asked 10 minutes ago, he kept me calm, and protected me.

Although the Greyhound didn’t serve alcoholic beverages with umbrellas in them and there was very little sunshine, I must say this most likely was our honeymoon…spending quality time, bonding, and simply being in the moment.

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